Free Server Security Scan


What happens after I subscribe?

You will receive a confirmation email with a link to confirm your subscription for the server scan. After you confirm by clicking on the link, we will immediately start the first scan on your server, and send you the report via email. We will re-scan your server every week, and send you the report, highlighting if there were any changes.

Is it free forever?

Yes, we provide this service for absolutely free. This is not just a trial, this is a free service from BitNinja.

Can I subscribe with multiple IPs?

Please feel free to subscribe with as many IP-s as you want. Currently we don’t support multiple IP subscription, but you can do it one by one.

What vulnerabilities can you detect?

Currently we can detect various DoS vulnerabilities on different protocols, port scan, brute force and other common vulnerabilities. We are constantly adding new scans and working on to provide a wide range of scans.

Is there any risk?

We do all measurements for the scans to remain risk-free for your server.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel the scan anytime. In the report mails there is a link to cancel. Just click on the link, and we stop scanning.