Scam email - I sent you an email from your account

Details of BNVL-2019-0006

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BitNinja Server Security's BNVL identifiers are intended for use to identify publicly known information security vulnerabilities in publicly released software packages. This project was designed to collect and analyze attack information from the BitNinja network after cluster analyzis by the AI-powered Attack Vector Miner. More than 100 vulnerabilty types have been discovered with this project so far, so we decided to publish this platform to help keeping Linux server owners up-to-date.

Important! All listed BNVL vulnerabilities are protected by BitNinja PRO, so please check your configurations if your infrastructure is affected by any of them.

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BNVL prefix + Year + Arbitrary Digits

BNVL identifiers are free to use in any related security reports, web pages or e-mails.

Name: Scam email - I sent you an email from your account

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BitNinja SMTP CAPTCHA received a scam email. "I sent you an email from your account" is a spam email campaign (scam) used by cyber criminals who threaten to proliferate compromising/humiliating videos of recipients if their ransom demands are not met. This is a common scam, and one of many similar versions. If you receive this email, simply ignore it and do not believe any of the statements within the message. The email is proliferated via an "email spoofing" method used to falsify the sender's email address. In this way, scammers behind this email make it seem as if the recipient of the email is also the sender. Cyber criminals claim that they have gained full access to the recipient's email account and obtained the password. It is also stated that the computer is infected with a trojan that allows them to change the password at any time (even if the user creates a new one). According to these scammers, this trojan was installed when the recipient visited an adult website. Furthermore, they state that they are capable of controlling the recipient's computer remotely, monitor activities in real time, turn the camera and microphone on, etc. People behind the "I sent you an email from your account" scam claim that they have, at some point, recorded a compromising video that will be sent to all of the recipient's contacts, unless $780 in Bitcoins is transferred to a provided Bitcoin Wallet within 48 hours. Furthermore, they also threaten to proliferate the video if the ransom email is shared with any other party. All statements regarding recorded videos, trojan infections, stolen data, etc. are false. Scammers send these emails to thousands of people hoping that some will fall for it. Never trust this or other similar scams.

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