Modx Revolution < 2.6.4 - Remote Code Execution

Details of BNVL-2018-0039

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Name: Modx Revolution < 2.6.4 - Remote Code Execution

CVE ID: (Not set)

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Last week published two critical vulnerabilities affecting MODX Revolution <=2.6.4 which include remote script execution and file/directory removal. Hackers thereby able to compromise the website or spoil or delete files or directories. In the MODX Revolution Version <= 2.6.4, filtering users have an incorrect access control capability in the parameters, which becomes the phpthumb class that causes the file to be created by using a custom file name and content. This attack seems to be usable by web request. The vulnerability was reported on 11th July and the Modx development team has released the solution within 18 hours. Those who are under MODX Revolution 2.6.4 ad below should try to upgrade your version ASAP. (Keep a backup of your website before upgrading, so that if something goes wrong we can simply restore it)

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