All-in-one security for your linux servers

To Stop DoS attacks CMS hacks spamming brute force attacks port scanning SQL injections XSS attacks malware infections


We support the systems you love

cPanel WHM  
CentOS 6.x | 7.x
Ubuntu 14.x and up
CloudLinux 6.x | 7.x
Debian 7.x | 8.x | 9.x
RedHat 6.x and up
Plesk 17.x

Full-stack server security in one
easy-to-use protection suite

Enjoy real-time protection, automatic false positive handling
and threat analysis for more in-depth insights.

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How MissGroup reached 98,99% drop (150 > 2 /month) on customer complaints about hacked sites and emails.

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How Fastcomet protects over 45,000 customers from CMS hacks with BitNinja, while saving an enormous amount of server resources.

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How Ganesh Hosting stopped password hacks, PHP injections and spam attacks while decreasing overall server load in 1 week.

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The Perks of having BitNinja

No compromised servers

Stop spam and overcharges – take back control of your server and make sure it isn’t part of a botnet.

Effortless management

Exit the jungle of complicated server security and enter the world of simplicity with all-in-one protection.

Customer-driven developments

Work with a passionate team who cares and make an ally in the war against hackers.

Protect your brand and bottom line

Avoid damage to your reputation and business losses from leaked private data, stolen passwords and credit card numbers.

No more night shift

Automate your server security and eliminate frustration for your team and customers.

Stop wasting time and money

Put your attention back on your business and don’t let hackers distract you from your core focus.

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